Every Now & Then

Am i not your extention?!
Am i not your love of Love?!
Am i not in whatever you are?!
Am i not you, my beloved supreme consiousness?!

Sow the seeds of love on the shores of my soul
Kindle the veins of my heart with the thunders of truth
Ignite the spirit of Oneness on the street of masks
Have mercy on me,my beloved supreme consiousness!

Am i not in the smiles of pretty blooms?!
Am i not the freedom of falcon free fly?!
Am i not the sprouting life of the muddy source?!
Am i not the colours of cosmic spreads?!

Be my wings when i fly through the fragments of ecstasy 
Be my breathe when i smell the spirals of universe
Be myself when i utter the essence of subtle love
Have mercy on me, my beloved universal consiousness!


Every Now & Then

All the world is a garden of thoughts
When the buds of thought, burst opens
The pollen of words spills
With the fragrance of deeds

Love sows the seeds of thought
On the past filled land of mind
Some of them are bouncing furious 
Some of them are readiness of acceptance 
Some of them are filled with bliss

Skins of diffent tones 
Busy with harvest of thoughts
Sachets of wondering bonds
Feeds the hunger of restless knots 

Oh!product of empty thoughts 
Run away from the field of scorching catch
Turn back your roots 
To the tavern of Emptiness 
At the secret chamber of heart
Waits the frenzy self of Love
With the stillness of Oneness
To be! Just be!

Every Now & Then

I ruminate in the bright rooms of dark night
All my efforts are to expedit skin deep tight
When the wings of my soul turns light 
I fly high height

Flutters my thought 
In a mysytical world apart
Slowly thought fades into quiet 
There blooms the flowers of light

Purple perplex of sight
Pink folds of silence flight
Piles of emotions lit
Turns to chosen white 

Trembles the pores of skin in fright
Raises a call for soul to Enlight
Lightened feets of spirit 
Dances in Delight...Delight...Delight

In the darkness of twilight 
A dance of One million moons  light
Verves in the nerves of spine upright
With the phase beyond the speed of light

Every Now & Then


I am a lunatic dancer

My legs are tapping through the wonders to come

My hands are twisting with the mirage by gone

I dance the mysical trance of presence

When the beat is just be

I become the soul of dance

When the rhythm turns to love

I become the heart of dance

When the rhyme pours thought

I become the embodiment of dance

I dance as the varities of soil lush to glance

I dance as the free flowing elixir to glance

I dance as the glaze of raising warmth to glance

I dance as the soul ragging to the pores of reed to glance

I dance and raise as the floating beds of ether to take a chance

With the gongs of blooming buds

With the drums of singing birds

With the lutes of chosen woods

I dance the love of Love

A lunatic lover dance

Every Now & Then…!!!

sufi swril dance

Get more thirst
Live love in thirst
Stay in bliss of thirst
Stay in pain of thirst
Let your thirst and tears
Be never ending prayers

If your pain and thirst is for Love
Then fan it
Fan it
Be the fan as you know its pain
Be the pain as you know its thirst
Be the thirst as you know its Love
Until it all becomes Love
Celebrate your dance in Love
Be in Love
Be Love

You might be the pot
You might be the water
You might be the river
You might be the ocean
All are the One and same

You are His eyes
You are His ears
You are His hands
Pain is the call of Love
Thirst is the soul of Love
Fan your pain
Fan your thirst
Until it all becomes Love

Every Now & Then !!!

flying to heaven

O! The apple of my eyes
Stop seeing the seen
And turn within
Can’t you see?!
I am on my way
To the garden of Rose

O! The tongue of my words
What will you do?!
With an empty mouth
Shed yourself
I am on my way
To the silence of Love

O! The ruts of smell
What will you do?!
To my odorless world
You can’t do anything
When the nostril of my soul
Is sniffing for the traces of Love

O! The twists of taste
The sustenance for soul
Is with the hands of Love
What will you do?!
When the pores of my heart
Is full of Love

O! The tussles of feel
I touch your feet
It’s time for you
To feel my pain for Love
And leave my way
To the love of Love

Every Now & Then!!!

man crying

Oh! My beloved love of Love,
Are You the one, who spoke to me in silence?!
Are You the one, who tamed me to brilliance?!
Are You the one, who loved me with vigilance?!
If so, then why did You leave?!

Do You remember our days of togetherness?!
You were the fragrance, when I was a flower
You were the colours, when I was a portrait
You were the seeds, when I was a fruit
If so, then why did You leave?!

Do You remember our days of togetherness?!
When You danced me to the floor of cosmic trance
When You sang me the secrets of moon and stars
When You kissed me with the words of Hu..Hu..Hu..Hu..
If so, then why did You leave?!

Do You remember our days of togetherness?!
The days of numinous ecstasy being the doors of heart
The days of mystical bliss lingering in the pores of soul
The days of love in love in love, scattered everywhere
If so, then why did You leave?!

The salt heap in the tears of pain is the sign
The scar deep on the walls of soul is the sign
The love leap in the veins of heart is the sign
The sign that screams the ache of all mine
Why did You leave, My Love?!